Pain oozed into
the ocean of desolation.
Heavy thoughts
clogged its flow like oil.
A tempest born from
waves of self pity.
Oared relentlessly
in search of a shore.

As he bellows in agony,
sore from the strain.
The daring waves clash,
nearly toppled him.
A lone warrior on the
battlefield with nature.
Questioning the reason
for this damnation.

Amidst the storm,
he noticed a speck faintly.
Boats of varied sizes
feuding their own war.

Some afloat without a sailor.
Some sail on a piece of wood.
Some dive into their own misery.

The truth dawned
with painful reassurance.
It was the storm to be tamed,
never the boat.

With realisation flowed
a sense of tranquill.
Discerning the shadows
of a land nearby.
Rows to the target
with great eagerness.
A single step
towards the flight of stairs.

Gopika Pramod

A warrior’s fight against a tempest caused by self pity. Taming one’s mind is the only way to calm the storm.

11 thoughts on “Tempest

  1. I’m in awe with the imagery here, it’s so very well defined. You have a lovely way with words and not to forget, a really powerful imagination. A lovely piece ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love this verse,”The truth dawned
    with painful reassurance.
    It was the storm to be tamed,
    never the boat.”
    Some never see that truth in their lifetime! Beautifully written Gopika!

    Liked by 1 person

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