Dear Diary

My path crossed an old friend
Bewildered by my sudden visit
Years of neglect wore her out
With an assurance to not worry
Looking anywhere but my eyes

After hours of probing
She let go off her guard

Words thickened with remorse
Ripped pages hidden in shame
Tear stains blotting her voice
Her trauma, an unsolved puzzle

I sensed familiarity in her words
A forgotten play I was a part of
Her character resonating my own
I have to solve this to move on

So I seated beside her with a sigh
Altering the narration the only cure
A treatment of shift of perspective
Brought a faint smile on her face

She thanked me for the timely help
Making me swear to never turn back
So I walked away to where I started
Living the same tale but a new end

Gopika Pramod

An encounter with an old diary as the inner child outgrows, altering the outlook to see the trauma from a better light.

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