A Gallery

A gallery with no guards,
open to anyone passing by.

With brightly painted walls
and locked metal doors.

A comfortable and relaxing space
that lifts the mood.

With content visitors leaving
to return again when dull.

Only a few catch the slight stench
from the locked doors.

A dead and dark history hidden
deep within the glamour.

The door keys used by none,
for they love the gallery more.

As days passed,
the visitors lessened one at a time.

The smell kept worsening
until it overpowered it’s grace.

Metamorphosing to a cemetery
cursed by living memories.

Gopika Pramod

A comparison of a gallery to the human heart and how the visitors use the space for its elegance.

4 thoughts on “A Gallery

  1. I’m actually enjoying your poetry and that says something because I tend to read lots on wordpress. Thanks for following me recently. I’m glad to meet you, new friend! 💕😊

    Liked by 1 person

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