I crawled towards the nearest branch
Bloated and heavy from my final lunch
With a deep breath, I accept the inevitable
Undressed and prepared for meditation
My survival gambled skillfully by nature

My vision gradually blurred out of focus
Only to observe it all vividly from above
Flinched faintly as my insides liquified
Grateful to be exempted from the torment
While doubting my calibre to push through 

The week passed finally,
opening my eyes.
A sigh of relief in
returning to my own self.
A new form emerges
as I slacken from the old.
The wisdom attained
from the solitary journey.
Felt more rewarding
than my colourful wings.
So I flutter away
to impart everything i gained.
Blessing the little cocoons
that come my way.

Gopika Pramod

The enlightenment from a solitary journey, slacking off their old self not knowing the consequences- just like a butterfly.

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